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I need help with XSI Mod Tool, or an alternative program to create x models

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I want to make reasonably modest models for a hobby game in SlimDX/C# I have been using XSI Mod Tool because it is free and features a .x exporter. I have run into a problem where textures seem to be uncontrollable, and look wrong when loaded in D3D9 For example, as an initial placeholder for background scenery, I created this strip of grass: 190608_2.PNG But when I load it into my game, the textures are stretched instead of tiled: 190608.PNG After a bit of research and hair pulling, I got it working by doing 2 things: 1. Removing all subsections so that the grass plain had only 1x1 subsections 2. Opening the .x file in vi and manually editing the texture co-ordinates 200608.PNG Now, creating models with no subsections and manually creating the tex-coords is impractical So I need help to understand how to manage this in XSI, or suggestions for another program that is more straightforward for creating .x models Cheers

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