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LPSTR to wchar

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hi, Im wondering how i would go about using the following std::wstring strPath; strPath.append(d3dxMaterials.pTextureFilename); where d3dxMaterials is of type typedef struct _D3DXMATERIAL { D3DMATERIAL9 MatD3D; LPSTR pTextureFilename; } D3DXMATERIAL; typedef D3DXMATERIAL *LPD3DXMATERIAL; so basically, i want to convert a LPSTR to be used with a wstring, i believe that LPSTR is a char pointer, from looking at this typedef __nullterminated CHAR *NPSTR, *LPSTR, *PSTR; but why has it got the '*' in front?

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There's multiple declarations in one line, separated by commatas. So if they don't put the * (for pointer) in front of every type only the first one will be a pointer, the others plain char's. One of the nasty possible ambiguities of C/C++.

Here's a snippet i'm using to convert std::string to std::wstring. That should work with LPSTR as well:

std::wstring ToWString( const std::string& strText )
std::wstring wstrResult;

wstrResult.resize( strText.length() );

typedef std::codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t> widecvt;

std::locale locGlob;

std::locale::global( locGlob );

const widecvt& cvt( std::use_facet<widecvt>( locGlob ) );

mbstate_t State;

const char* cTemp;
wchar_t* wTemp;

cvt.in( State,
&strText[0], &strText[0] + strText.length(), cTemp,
(wchar_t*)&wstrResult[0], &wstrResult[0] + wstrResult.length(), wTemp );

return wstrResult;

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