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Easy / Well featured game engine for 2D platform shooter type games?

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I need an engine that will allow me to make platform games with large detailed cartoon characters and large scrolling hand painted backgrounds ( not repeating sprite based backgrounds ). Sort of like the Metal Slug series, with higher resolution graphics, for PC. My backgrounds would be one big image file stretching the whole level, maybe 1000x6000 pixels. Ideally they would scale depending on the pc resolution, or if thats not possible, switch to the games resolution on starting the game. I dont want to have to do programming, a drag and drop interface would be perfect, but I would like to be able to program bits in for 'ingame cutscenes' like 'walk to x,y, and say 'text here'' when required, (as in 'adventure game studio'). I should also be able to add some flashy effects, like the screen shaking, or screen flashing, or zoom in on character kills etc. Which would be my best paid and free options?

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