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Terrain to Vehicle normal

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Hi all, I have a terrain and lets say a box. User controls box with arrow keys. I want box height and orientation follows terrain heights. I implemented and I succeded. But I have a small problem. I am using following code to make orientation
	Quaternion q;
	Vector3 nodeNormal, rotVector;
	FLOAT rotAngle;

	nodeNormal = node.GetWorldOrientation().GetYAxis();
	rotVector = nodeNormal.Cross( normal );

	rotAngle = Math_ACos( nodeNormal.Dot( normal ) );
	q.RotateAroundAxis( rotVector, rotAngle );

	node.SetRotate( q );
It does orientation correctly. But the problem is when it rotates object, it changes z axis of the object. Assume that box is facing (z axis) to (0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f) when terrain height changes above code is applied and resulting Z axis becomes (0.3f, -0.1, 0.99f). Box should not rotate around Y axis. Is there any suggestion?

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normal is the normal vector of the triangle which box on it. it is calculated like this. let be p1, p2 and p3 the points of the triangle.
pa = p2-p1
pb = p3-p1
pa = pa.Cross( pb )
normal = pa

nodeNormal is the normal (Y Axis) of the box.

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another way to do this is through re-normalising the orientation matrix.

Vector right, up, forward; // the three orientation vectors of your vehicle, aka [x, y, z].
Vector normal; // the terrain normal.

up = normal;
forward = right.cross(up);
right = up.cross(forward);

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