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DirectX 2D RPG Source?

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This is my first post :P Hi xD Uhhhm my english speaking is... well... lame xD so, i'm writing in spanish :) Bueno, gente de GameDev, estoy buscando el código de algún RPG 2D (Tiles, sprites y todo eso) desarrollado con DirectX y C++, principalmente para aprender como esta todo estructurado y como se puede utilizar DX para elaborar juegos en 2 dimensiones. Si es posible, lo mejor sería que el código este bien "optimizado" por decirlo de alguna manera, es decir, que no utilice métodos rudimentarios o perjudiciales para el rendimiento, que el código sea limpio y no malgaste cantidades excesivas de memoria. Desde ya gracias :) Adri

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The great majority of users here (myself included) don't speak spanish, so you should make an effort and translate your post into english.

After reading the google translation of your post, I would recommend that you read this article.

For all others, here is the google translation of the original post:

Well, people GameDev, I'm looking for some code 2D RPG (Tiles, sprites and so on) developed with DirectX and C + +, mainly to learn how all this structured and how DX can be used to develop games in 2 dimensions.

If possible, it would be best if the code this well "optimized" so to speak, that is, not using rudimentary methods or detrimental to performance, that the code is clean and not waste excessive amounts of memory.

Since already thanks

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