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World Compo 2008

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Hello :) I'd like to invite you to participate in the World Compo. It was supposed to be a cross-site contest for people from (Poland), (Lithuania), (Sweden) and (South Africa) but at the moment there's too many people from Poland so anybody's warmly welcome. :) Just to keep some proportion. What is World Compo? World Compo is a non-commercial contest for game programmers from all over the world. The task is to write a playable game during two weeks. Every edition of the contest has its specific subject and the games have to be related to it. What language / technology can be used? Any language or technology can be used, except for all the game-makers, Flash and similar, as Compo is a competition for coders, not clickers. Usually the games are written in C++, Pascal or Delphi, using APIs like DirectX and OpenGL. Some of them are 2D, some of them are 3D. Keep in mind that you can't use complete game- or graphic engines if they are not created by you, so you can't use Ogre3D or Irrlicht. Why should I take part in it? There are many advantages of participating in the contest: You can motivate yourself to write and complete (!) some little project You can learn something new You can start some bigger project that you’re going to develop in the future You can make new friends :) It's fun! What's the prize? There are no material rewards. You earn satisfaction, knowledge and joy. :) So your place in the competition doesn't matter, the participation counts!

You can already sign up (and find all the additional information) here. It's going to be fun!

Hope to see you there :) Tarains

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