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valign, halign, alignment code

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i am looking for alignment code( left,right,center and/or top,middle,bottom)this kind of stuff must have been done millions of times before, i don't really want to redo it. anyone have a link or some code snippets?

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in VS2005 and C++, alignment of boxes on a screen.

class Box
int x;
int y;
int height;
int width;

i have two boxes within a bigger box. Say call the bigger box parent and the two smaller ones child boxes.

I want to code different ways of aligning the two child boxes within the parent.
1) child boxes centered within parent
2) child boxes left aligned within parent
3) child boxes right aligned within parent
4) aligning the boxes along the y-axis or x-axis of the parent
5) aligning the boxes starting from the bottom of the parent box
6) combining one or more of the ways above

// these are my flags
horizontal_align = { left, center, right }
vertical_align = { left, center, right }
axis_align(can't think of a better way to name this) = { top_to_bottom, left_to_right }

you get what i mean, this code i am sure has been done before.

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Im not sure you'll find code snippets for that, it's an extremely trivial problem.

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This is trivial. Assuming that your x and y coordinates are the top left center of the box, with (0,0) being the top left corner and the coordinates that you are aligning to are called leftWall, rightWall, bottomWall and topWall, the pseudocode looks something like this:

Left align: x = leftWall;
Right align: x = rightWall - width;
Middle horizontal: x = leftWall + (rightWall - leftWall - width)/2.0;

Top align: y = topWall;
Bottom align: y = bottomWall - height;
Middle vertical: y = topWall + (bottomWall - topWall - height)/2.0;

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