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[Solved] (C++, Win32 console) Problem drawing a buffer to output

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EDIT: Solved after a few days of banging my head against a wall. I guess it is a bit specific to my particular program, so I'm not surprised nobody responded. Thanks anyways. The topic is a little misleading, but it's hard to sum up in a few words... I already wrote comments for it, so I'll just [ source]-tag it. It describes what goes on, and what the problem is, pretty well.
// The Draw function copies a rectangle of data from one buffer to another,
// and draws the second buffer to the screen.

// 'viewloc' is set beforehand, and is a COORD representing
// the upper-left corner of the rectangle copied to the second buffer

// First it loops through and copies the buffer area. If any
// part of the rect is over the edge of the first buffer, it "loops" the
// opposite edge over, to cause an "infinite map" kind of effect.

// Second, it tries to loop through each entity and draw the sprites to
// the correct location on the temporary buffer. The problem is that this
// doesn't work correctly when you want to draw the entity to the
// part of the buffer that was looped around. I haven't been able to figure
// out what's going on to cause it to do that.. the actual putting the entity
// to the tempbuf works fine as long as it's on the part of the map that
// wasn't looped around.

void GameView::Draw(int x, int y)
	CHAR_INFO* tempbuf = new CHAR_INFO[viewsize.X*viewsize.Y];

	// Construct what the window sees on the map
	for (int i = viewloc.Y; i < viewloc.Y+viewsize.Y; ++i)
		for (int j = viewloc.X; j < viewloc.X+viewsize.X; ++j)
			int tempidx = (i-viewloc.Y)*viewsize.X+(j-viewloc.X); // index within the tempbuf
			int playidx = i*realsize.X+j;                         // these two indices refer to the same conceptual location.

			// This "sews" the left/right and up/down map edges together, if they're visible.
			// The loop properly accounts for viewing windows longer or wider than the map.
			if (j >= realsize.X)
				for (int sewcount = j/realsize.X; sewcount > 0; --sewcount)
					playidx -= realsize.X;
			if (i >= realsize.Y)
				for (int sewcount = i/realsize.Y; sewcount > 0; --sewcount)
					playidx -= realsize.X*realsize.Y;

			tempbuf[tempidx].Attributes = playbuf[playidx].Attributes;
			tempbuf[tempidx].Char = playbuf[playidx].Char;

	std::list<entity*>::iterator itr = entities.begin();

	for (; itr != entities.end(); ++itr)
		entity* ent = *itr;

		if (ent->position.X + ent->size.X - 1 < viewloc.X || //left bound
			ent->position.X > viewloc.X + viewsize.X  || //right bound
			ent->position.Y + ent->size.Y - 1 < viewloc.Y || //upper bound
			ent->position.Y > viewloc.Y + viewsize.Y) //lower bound

		for (int Y = ent->position.Y; Y < ent->position.Y + ent->size.Y; ++Y)
			for (int X = ent->position.X; X < ent->position.X + ent->size.X; ++X)
				int Yidx = Y - viewloc.Y;
				int Xidx = X - viewloc.X;

				if (Xidx >= viewsize.X || Yidx >= viewsize.Y)

				int tempidx = Yidx * viewsize.X + Xidx;
				int spriteidx = Y * (ent->size.X-1) + X;

				tempbuf[tempidx].Attributes = ent->sprite[spriteidx].Attributes;
				tempbuf[tempidx].Char = ent->sprite[spriteidx].Char;

	SMALL_RECT writerect = {x, y, x+viewsize.X-1, y+viewsize.Y-1};
	COORD topleft = {0, 0};

	WriteConsoleOutput(hOut, tempbuf, viewsize, topleft, &writerect);

EDIT: It looks like it has to do with the if statement, after I create an iterator for the entities list, that tries to clip out the entities that aren't visible in the current window. Although I think the problem has to deal with my apparent blurriness regarding screen versus window coordinatess, so to speak, the solution is still eluding me. [Edited by - Twisol on June 29, 2008 5:52:40 PM]

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Okay, I couldn't for the life of me find a rule on bumping your own thread, so if I shouldn't be doing this, tell me where it says that please!

I'm getting really frustrated with this code, I've tried everything I can think of, and I still have no solution to the problem with the entities not appearing on the wrapped-around part of the map.

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