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DirectShow Editing

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I wish to create a simple tool to open a video file ( for example an AVI, or wmv file) and allow user to edit the video file. For example the user should be able to mark different portions of video and copy it to new video. So that the new movie file contains the selected parts only. I read that DirectShow editing service allow us to do the job. i have modified the sample code http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms787592(VS.85).aspx and no luck so far. I think i am missing something, since my knowledge in DirectX and grphics is very poor, I cant figure it out. I added the following lines to get the splitable interface IAMTimelineSplittable *pSplittable = NULL; HRESULT hr = pSourceObj->QueryInterface(IID_IAMTimelineSplittable, (void **)&pSplittable); and called the SplitAt function to split time line hr = pSplittable->SplitAt2(5); All thease function return success ( S_OK) and then i render the Timeline to file, it is same as the orginal file. No Splits actually happened. Why? Any idea Thanks Anil

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