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[c++] a problem with object

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========================= ICPC.cpp =============================================
#include <iostream> 
#include <fstream> 
#include <cstring>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

typedef unsigned int uint;

#include "Datos.cpp"

void leer() 

	string linea;
  	char *palabra, *aux;
  	uint number, flag = 0;

  	ifstream archivo ("");
  	if (archivo.is_open()) 
    		while (!archivo.eof()) 
      			aux = new char [linea.size()+1];
      			strcpy (aux, linea.c_str());
      			palabra = strtok(aux," ");

      			while (palabra) 
        			number = atoi(palabra);
				if (flag == 0) 
					Datos pruebas = new Datos(number); 
					flag = 1;
				cout << number << endl;
				palabra = strtok(NULL," ");

  	else cout << "error"; 

int main() 
  	return 0;
============================= Datos.cpp ================================================
//typedef unsigned int uint; 
class Datos {

	uint lineas; 
	uint i;      
	uint *PSP; //Puzzle Solving Power

	Datos(uint T);


	void inserta(uint dato); 
	uint obtener(uint i);    

Datos::Datos(uint T) {
	lineas = T*36;
	i = 0;
	PSP = new uint [lineas];

Datos::~Datos() {
	delete[] PSP;

void Datos::inserta(uint dato) { 
	PSP = dato;

uint Datos::obtener(uint i) { 
	uint dato;	
	dato = PSP;
	return dato;
========================================================================================== I'm trying to read an input file called "" and save every number in the PSP array using the class "Datos.cpp". This is the error I get at compile time: ICPC.cpp: In function ‘void leer()’: ICPC.cpp:34: error: invalid conversion from ‘Datos*’ to ‘uint’ ICPC.cpp:34: error: initializing argument 1 of ‘Datos::Datos(uint)’ It says that the problem is here: ... if (flag == 0) { Datos pruebas = new Datos(number); //<-ERROR HERE ... My question is: "What's the problem?". Thanks in advance.

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pruebas needs to be a pointer type:
Datos* pruebas = new Datos(number);
I think what's happening now is that the compiler is trying to perform an implicit conversion from a Datos* to a uint through the single-argument Datos constructor, hence the somewhat cryptic error.

Ah, C++...

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#include "Datos.cpp"
Explain this to me.

while (!archivo.eof())
Explain what you think eof does. Remember that archivo is a stream.

Datos pruebas = new Datos(number);
Datos *pruebas. Are you familiar with pointers, new, and delete?

Also, consider using C++ strings. Why use part of C++, and not strings?

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