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OpenGL Need help on a design decision --

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i have put together a system on the back end(server side) that is in Java. this decision was based on Java's built in abilities for networking and other built in web services that just come with the language. The code also works well for any platform, whether it be windows, linux or Macintosh. the client side is going to be doing OpenGL rendering. this poses some serious decisions that need to be made. The client side other than the OpenGL rendering needs to have a clean crisp GUI that offers the very basics: checkboxes, listboxes, scrolling textboxes, a file browser, radio buttons..well you get the idea. A big bonus would be some native icons with ease of use like putting on icons for nice looking buttons. What i mean by clean and crisp is that it should look at least a little modern..not like some old OS/2 look. The client side will also have to perform some sort of timing and threading for communication between it and the server side. i really don't have the time or resources to create my own built from scratch so now i am faced with trying to pick a GUI Toolkit that is available that is cross platform including being able to render the native feel of the operating system it is running on. As noted before timing and threading will be used. I also don't have time to write my own protocol(sockets). The software most likely will go commercial so open source and free is the only option. maybe QT has a limited widget set that is free? maybe i can look into that. The first option that i can think of is SDL but SDL doesn't have any built in widget toolkit. Is there a widget toolkit available perhaps that anyone knows about that is built on top of SDL that meets the requirements stated? The other option that i thought of was WxWidgets but i am not sure how much support it has for seamless flow with OpenGL..last time i looked into it i wasn't that impressed. Maybe i could look into it some more. to summarize my thoughts SDL would be good if i could have some sort of widget toolkit that is built on top of SDL. WxWidgets could be an option. Finally i could try to do OpenGL using JOGL(java binding for OpenGL) then i could use Java's SWT or Swing to do all the GUI stuff which is mature and does have the capability to produce some nice looking GUI widgets. I don't know how much speed i will have to give up though since i will be using lots of glVertex calls(even in display lists) and vertex buffer objects. I really don't know how mature it is but its something i could look into. does anyone have any thoughts or ideas? thanks so much in advance for your help.

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