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BetaCell Toolkit, Impressive results made easy

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BetaCell is a toolkit designed to aid new and experienced computer graphics programmers to achieve their objectives by embracing DRY (don't repeat yourself) code and offering an object oriented perspective with design patterns. With BetaCell you get on your feet on graphics programming in a short time. The toolkit encapsulates many common routines that are used throughout a computer graphics program and defines their access in a reusable fashion, this provides order to the application and allows the programmers to concentrate their effort in achieving more complex goals. BetaCell is built for XNA 2.0. Features: * Lots of tutorials and documentation * Runtime effect compositon * Flexible vertex definitions * Create static & animated content in blender * Create Terrains and perform frustum culling * Compose particle systems * Ray Picking * Texturing techniques like environmental, normal, displacement & shaow mapping The URL is

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