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Supra Games Presents..... SACRED PEN!

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Sacred Pen In the most simple terms possible this game is about unleashing the artistic side in many people. The story is about a die hard demon hunter who has a run in with a strange old book keeper. This book keeper hires him to rid his library of demons but instead of facing demons with a sword and shield, he is forced to stroke them to death, literally. The demons are trapped inside of the books that he has to defeat using his sacred pen and enchanted ink. The catch is you must not use up all of your ink in one book or you lose. Also using different colored ink causes different effects. Also you can combo diferent colors by stroking different demons with random ink and mixing ink. Your ultimate tool is your mouse clicker. You use the mouse to play the game playable to even the most casual of all gamers feel at home with this simple interface. You hold the left click to stroke and use the right click to change colors. You will have a gauge on the left side of your screen with your ink levels. Depending on how well you deal with each demon and each book the book keeper will address you with pleased expressions or upset expressions. If you do not please the book keeper you will lose the game as well so keep that in mind. Also after each book and after you finish the game you can send in all of your scores and also compete with other players for high scores on our special website we'll be making for the game. The game will have a goofy and cartoony artistic quality to it. The best and most notible features will be the unique and easy to grasp gameplay and also the ability to jump right into the game anywhere. This is just a taste of what's to come in the future, as soon as development begins you'll see much more from us and a lot of different concept art and eventually a demo to play. So stay tuned! Sacred Pen will be well worth the wait! If you'd like to pitch in on this development or feel this game could benefit from any of your critisms please feel free to post here. And as a side note this game will be 2D and most probably cell shaded.

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