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Tanks and Rogues screenshots

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Tanks and Rogues is a modification for Quake III Arena with a heavy focus on micro scale teamplay. Basically there are two classes: the tanks and the rogues. The tank carry a strong shield, which makes him invulnerable to any regular attack. The only one who can disable this shield is the rogue but the rogue can't do any heavy damage to health. Hence, to take out an enemy tank your team will need both a rogue (to eliminate the shield) and a fellow tank to deal regular damage. The tank's shield will reappear after a few seconds making unsynchronized attacks worthless. The tank will also regenerate health (both his own and nearby friendly rogues) to further encourage synchronized teamplay.
Well, today we had our first real playtest with enough real human players to get the concept to work. I made sure to take lot's of screenshots so that I could show you. I hope this might get you interested since we still need more playtesters. If you're up for it, join our forum at lockecole.ath.cx/tnr Click them for high res!

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