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Maintaining lighting with pixel shaders?

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I just started using a pixel shader to blend 4 textures using a combined alphamap, and when I did this, I lost my ambient lighting - it acts as though lighting is turned off. Here's my shader code:

// r0: alphamaps
// r1 - r4: textures

// Sample textures
texld r0, t0
texld r1, t1
texld r2, t1
texld r3, t1
texld r4, t1

// Combine textures together based off of their alphamaps
mul r1, r1, r0.x
lrp r2, r0.y, r2, r1
lrp r3, r0.z, r3, r2
lrp r0, r0.w, r4, r3

What do I need to do to this to maintain my old lighting? Thanks!

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Original post by Namethatnobodyelsetook
Assuming you're just using a pixel shader, the fixed pipeline vertex processing is still running. Just mul with V0 whereever you'd like to mix in the lighting... usually at the end of the mixing.

After setting my render states, this is all that I do. My Ambient lighting changes each frame using D3DRS_AMBIENT.

device3D->SetFVF( D3DVERTEX::FVF );
device3D->SetMaterial( &m_pMaterials[0] );
device3D->SetPixelShader( g_SplatShader );
D3DXVECTOR3 vector;

for( int y = 0; y < PATCHSIZE; y++ )
for( int x = 0; x < PATCHSIZE; x++ )
device3D->SetTexture( 0, zoneQuads[x][y]->alpha );
device3D->SetTexture( 1, zoneQuads[x][y]->tex1 );
device3D->SetTexture( 2, zoneQuads[x][y]->tex2 );
device3D->SetTexture( 3, zoneQuads[x][y]->tex3 );
device3D->SetTexture( 4, zoneQuads[x][y]->tex4 );
device3D->DrawPrimitiveUP( D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP, 2, zoneQuads[x][y]->verts, sizeof(D3DVERTEX) );

And the vertex structure. Do I need more to make it happen?

struct D3DVERTEX
FLOAT tu1, tv1;
FLOAT tu2, tv2;

static const DWORD FVF;

Where should I start to get the lighting back? You say to mul V0. Do you have some example code available so I can attempt to figure it out?


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