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[web] using current_user [mysql]

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Is it possible to set the current user as a default value for a table column? Something kind of like this:
create table CATEGORY (
     CATEGORY_ID          tinyint                        not null auto_increment,
     CATEGORY_NAME        char(100)                      null,
     ADDED_ON             timestamp                      null,
     ADDED_BY             char(20)                       null,
     LAST_EDITED_ON       timestamp                      not null default current_timestamp on update current_timestamp,
     LAST_EDITED_BY       char(20)                       not null default current_user,
     constraint PK_CATEGORY primary key (CATEGORY_ID)

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You can't set a function as a default value, the exception being current_timestamp, but you can simulate what you want with a stored procedure. Just remember current_user() returns the user specified in the db connection string, which in a web application probably isn't the same as the logic user.

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