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[solved] luabind + boost::mpl (mpl has not been declared)

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Edit: Solved by including <luabind/luabind.hpp> before <luabind/function.hpp>, and by filling in the template parameter for luabind::call_function<>. Alright, so luabind (v0.7) with lua (v5.0.3) was going fine and dandy, until... BAM! boost::mpl
In file included from D:/Programming/LIBS/boost_1_35_0/boost/preprocessor/iteration/detail/iter/forward1.hpp:52,
                 from D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/detail/signature_match.hpp:109,
                 from D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/function.hpp:40,
                 from D:\Programming\test_lua\main.cpp:33:
D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/detail/signature_match.hpp: In static member function `static int luabind::detail::match_constructor<1>::apply(lua_State*, int, const
luabind::constructor<A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9>*, const Policies*)':
D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/detail/signature_match.hpp:252: error: `mpl' has not been declared
D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/detail/signature_match.hpp:252: error: expected nested-name-specifier before "apply_wrap2"
D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/detail/signature_match.hpp:252: error: expected initializer before '<' token
D:/Programming/LIBS/luabind/luabind/detail/signature_match.hpp:252: error: `converter0' has not been declared
Any ideas? Lua and luabind themselves built fine as libraries, but now that I attempted to include luabind/function.hpp and do:
luabind::call_function(state, "main()");
It spits out the above errors...
		static int apply(
			lua_State* L
		  , int start_index
		  , const constructor<BOOST_PP_ENUM_PARAMS(LUABIND_MAX_ARITY, A)>*
		  , const Policies*)
			int m = 0;
#if N
            int current_index = 0;
			// Removes unreferenced local variable warning on VC7.
			return m;
Compiler is mingw, windows + Code::Blocks. I didn't build boost (v 1.35.0) as luabind (v0.7) said it only needed the headers (and besides, I've heard only certain parts of boost really need to be built). Any ideas greatly appreciated! [Edited by - agi_shi on July 2, 2008 11:45:48 AM]

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