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frenet frames for dummies (in other words help please)

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I'm working on a game where an object follows either a catmull-rom spline or a bezier curve. I want the object to rotate and spin along the curve/spline as it follows it in relation to the curve/spline. I'm thinking I need to calculate frenet-frames (unit TBN vectors) to control my curvature and torsion however there's a slight problem. My calculus is WOEFULLY rusty (haven't used it since college which was about 10 years ago) so the math and the derivatives are just over my head. I'm working on brushing up on my math when I have the time but my "day" job and the game I'm working on take up too much time so I'm coming here for help. If someone could treat me like a 3 year old and help me wrap my head around this stuff I would be most grateful. For starters I'd like help in simply computing the TBN vectors used to compute the matrix for the frenet-frame at a time(t) on the curve. Thank you in advance for your responses (and patience). Not going to even tackle the math behind reparametrization by arc length yet. . . Let this be a lesson kids. Don't be a fool, stay in school. . .

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