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[Visual Studio C++] Source Browsing to a DLL's source

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Hello all. Question: We have a VS 2005 solution that contains two C++ based projects: 1. Game Project (builds an Win32 executable) 2. Irrlicht Project (builds a DLL which our game uses) Using Visual Studio, I find I cannot successful source browse to the source code contained in the Irrlicht project from within code in my game project. Visual Studio reports that method or data member is not found when I try to browse it. Is there anyway to tell Visual Studio to use the browse information of my Irrlicht project so I can source browse to Irrlicht methods and variables used by my game project. Both are successfully compiled with browse info enabled. And I can successfully source browse from within my Irrlicht project to other Irrlicht methods and variables. I understand that my issue that it might be related to the fact that the source in question is dynamically linked. Sorry if my description was confusing. Thanks for any help. :)

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