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Spaceball 5000, protocol questions

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I was recently given an old Spaceball 5000 for a study project I am working on. Since I am using MacOS X none of the available drivers were suitable for my needs. Through a bit of detective work I have been able to get the Spaceball to give me ball data, but to save me a bit of time I am hoping someone could clarify some details. When the ball returns to its center position I get the packet (all packets are teminated by the CR character): dH00H00H00H00H00H00 This represents the movement along the 3 axis and rotation around the 3 axis. Has anyone worked with this before and worked out: - which fields represent which input - what the exact format of the field is? I will document my findings for anyone else who is interested in using the Spaceball 5000 for a project. Edit: What I have so far: [Edited by - ajmas on July 2, 2008 9:34:02 PM]

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