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PAL Physics help please!

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I am using PAL Physics Abstraction Layer in my game using Irrlciht as the redering engine. I have followed the PAL + Irrlicht tutorial and have successfully created terrain that allows boxes to be spawned. I searched though the PAL Doxygen and found a class called palConvex. I would assume this is what i need to create ridgid bodies for other things like buildings, objects etc. I cannot find information anywhere on how to initialize a palConvex object. There is a factory where you CreateTerrainMesh() or CreateBox(), but no CreateConvex? And if it is CreateObject("BLAH_Convex"); it returns a pointer to some other class that does not have Init. This wrapper has helped me out a great deal, now im just plain stuck! If anybody here uses PAL, please, help me. :) ps. the PAL website does not have a forum, it uses the Sourceforge forum system, and theirs looks as dead as my great aunt sofia ;)

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