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Just need some feed back

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You have a slight problem with keeping even pixel density. Along with this, some of your textures need more "texture," and need to tile better.
To shamelessly pimp my website which is finally up, try taking a look at my guide, which explains a lot of how to get efficient, nice looking textures. You seem to have good modeling skill, but are lacking skill in texturing quite a bit (no insult intended).
Another suggestion would be to pick which you're doing. What are the poly counts (in triangles) of your models? Some seem pretty high. If the models were modeled to be high poly then don't be afraid to apply as many crazy shaders, gi, and whatever else you want, you have no limitations and as such should be showing off the model so. Of course this is bad practice if the model is meant for games, but just saying.
However, if these models are meant to be critiqued further we need to see the texture flats, along with information such as poly count (again in triangles), texture resolution, and all texture maps being used (normal, specular...etc).

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I would also like to see more angles on some of your stuff.

I see a dagger laying on some plane of some sort, I want to see the dagger not the textured plane under it.

And I agree with working on working under poly limits. I also suggest using some logic in making weapons, creatures, etc. An example, can you stab someone with that dagger or will the sphere jewel things get in the way? Would a grenade fit inside that grenade launcher's chamber thing? (don't know if you call it a chamber, but where it's ammo is loaded)

Good job on the sword though, add the right types of mapping and it can look more metallic and more believable. It has the characteristic of asymmetry which can be very good (not for making a small texture map though) and it looks like it can cut something.

Your buildings strangely seem to have the smallest polygon count when compared to it model type. It has lots of geometrical detail but that gets washed out by the textures.

Work on texture and you should be good. I suggest learning how to paint textures in photoshop for stuff like the armor and weapons. Since buildings are bigger they can have more repeating textures.

Hope this helps

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