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Lately i'v noticed big bug in visual studio 2008 and latest nvidia drivers. Before that my application creating d3d9 device about 200ms but known it takes him 7000ms to load. The problem caused by ver SLOW load NVIDIA dll dreivers C:\Windows\System32\nvwgf2um.dll C:\Windows\System32\nvd3dum.dll I don't want to do, cause it's killing me how long should i wait before d3d9 creates :D I speedup it with multithreading which decreased load to 5000-5500ms load If anybody ever encouter that problem please help. I checked debug settings they all ok. So i wondered if anybody had the same problem and have a solution? And should i post it on nvidia forums :D ? p.s. Before i formated windows once again it all work great, but nvidia samples had that problem. In advance: tx 4 ur help )) Just this bug making me insane

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