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Little linux game I made, Word War vi

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Been lurking, reading this site for a few months, learned a lot of stuff here. Figured it's about time I joined. Anyway, I made a little game for linux, a 2d side scrolling shoot'em up, kind of like Defender, kind of like Scramble, a little bit of its own thing. It has a goofy "emacs vs. vi" storyline, though being a shoot 'em up, there's not much of a storyline. It's not any kind of fancy 3d or even OpenGL thing like a lot of you guys do around here, it pretty much uses line drawing primitives exclusively, not even any blitting is used, consequently it has a very retro, early '80s look, almost like it's on a vector display, and this can be exacerbated, er, I mean, enhanced, with the "--retrogreen" option. :) You can find it here: It only runs on linux, though it probably wouldn't be all that difficult to port. Uses GTK for graphics and keyboard input, native linux driver interface for joysticks, portaudio for sound. It's in C, it's released under the GPL, with the music and sounds released under a couple different CC licenses. The "artwork", such as it is, exists only as C code, so it's consequently GPL'ed. Anyway, hope it's fun for somebody. Feedback is welcome. -- steve [Edited by - smcameron on July 3, 2008 9:04:28 PM]

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