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Mixing HSV colors the good way

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Hello all, I render tetrahedra with 300000+ colored triangles in 3D with glDrawElements() :
//at init
glVertexPointer(3, GL_FLOAT, 0, g->vertex_array);        
glColorPointer(3, GL_FLOAT, 0, g->color_array);
//rendering loop

I also use HSV colors for each of their vertices, converting HSV values to RBG before filling the color array
   red    orange  yellow  green   blue    purple
  (low values)                             (high values)

Now, if I render a triangle with vertices (RED, RED, BLUE) for instance, the color goes from red to blue by direct interpolation (passing by purple), instead of passing through all colors red -> orange->yellow->green->blue. This is particulary important for me as the color represents a 4th dimension, like a height map where each color represents a value. Is there a way to specify a palette or a color function, or even fill the triangle pixel by pixel ? Thanks a lot for your help.

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Umm.. this is the obvious and expected result, since interpolation across the surface of a polygon is always linear - and since you already converted to RGB, the interpolation will be linear *in RGB space*.

You'll have to use some kind of per-fragment functionality to get what you want. It might be possible to hack this together with texture lookups in the fixed function pipeline, but you'd probably be better off with a fragment program or fragment shader.


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