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ati x1300 and FBO's

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hi, has anyone been able to use Frame buffer objects for off screen rendering on an ati mobility x1300? The card stats say i can support 4 color attachments but the example programs i compile and run shows only a faded green where the textures should appear. thanks Ben

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Original post by Eric Lengyel
I am not able to get FBOs to work correctly on *any* ATI hardware. I've been trying for quite some time, and I've sent reproducible cases to ATI, but they don't seem to care.

I am wondering if they are going to forget about GL support until GL3.0 is out?

Eric check this out, someone over at posted this about their new Radeon

"It seems to work. My graphics engine relies on FBO with stencil and at first it didn't work at all with R4850. Then I added an additional color target to store and sample depth from and made the native depth/stencil buffer a renderbuffer. Then everything works as it should, I think.

But the consequence of this is that I got really poor depth precision from packing a depthvalue into a RGBA8 color target. But it's just a temp solution until the drivers get fixed."

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