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Is there a Pimpl idiom for C?

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I see that there's one for C++. I've done some Googling but haven't seen any for C. If someone has an example or link that would be great.

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The way to do it in C is to declare an opaque struct in the header file and hide the implementation in the C file. This has two effects:

1. The definition of the structure is hidden in the C file so only that file needs to be recompiled if the structure changes. This is what the pimpl idiom is good for.

2. The variables has been made private so the data is encapsulated.

Many C API's does this. For example Lua.

// Gadget.h

// Declare the struct to allow client code to keep pointers to a Gadget.
typedef struct Gadget Gadget;

Gadget* GadgetCreate();
void GadgetDestroy(Gadget*);
int GadgetDoStuff(Gadget*);

// Gadget.c

// Define the struct
struct Gadget

// Implement the functions

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