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Please test my (PocketPC-tactical-RPG) game!

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Hello everybody! I'm for quite some time now working on my own turn-based PocketPC game called "PoRoBa". More accurately, it's a game-framework, but never mind. I'm a student and have just access to one PocketPC - my own old MDA III. So, I've not yet the chance to test it on any other hardware yet. Therefore, here's my plea: Please go to , give the game a spin and tell me your impressions - even if it's just "didn't work". Any comments here or in my shoutbox are highly appreciated! And since this is a technical forum, some details: PoRoBa was written completely in C# and relies just on .Net 2.0 and GAPI. Everything from there was exclusively written by me (rendering, blending, image-handling, compressions, text-rasterization, ...). And no, there is no sound or music (yet) ;) Thank you, KoMaXX

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