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Snake in SDL

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I'm currently creating a snake game in C/C++.


X = snakehead
O = snakebody

"This one is just a 10x10 black image"
snakehead = load_image( "shead.bmp" );

"This one is just a 10x10 white image"
snakebody = load_image( "sbody.bmp" );

My problem is I don't know how to make the snake's body in SDL.

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As a note, it's not like we're being unhelpful. We have trouble answering your question, because frankly, you don't really have a question in your posts. Coupled with a lack of details, we don't know what to say. Raymond's article on asking questions tells you how to get useful answers from us.

In the future, it would help if you try to be specific. When you tell us vaguely what your problem is, we can only ask questions ourselves, or wonder if you are tackling something you aren't quite ready to handle.

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