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hey, ive spent the last 3,4 days writing a little Frozen Bubble ( ripoff using java and opengl (jogl) anyway, i was wondering which approach would be advisable protocol-wise i once wrote a little jump n run game with c++ where you could play over the network and you had to jump onto the other players head with your own char and by doing so gained a point however i was using TCP for that and the localhost client always worked perfectly but the client connecting via the internet had huge lag (i never bothered measuring the ping or anything but it just lagged like hell), eventually i lost interest and stopped working on it so this is the first networking related stuff im doing since then, so i was wondering what the usual approach is? i was thinking about making a TCP connection for "important" stuff like joining a game, disconnecting, sending the username to the server or chat messages, telling the clients which backgrounds to use and so on while using UDP during the actual game to send the packets which tell the client to render a moving object at xyz or maybe it is ok to do the whole thing with TCP and i just screwed up badly with my jnr game back then?

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