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appending to LPCWSTR

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hi prob a very simple answer but i cant find it anywhere. i am trying to add extra characters to a LPCWSTR. currently: //modelloc is obtained from function LPCWSTR modelloc = L"MP_Urban"; //need to append this after obtaining from function modelloc += L".X"; any help would be great Thanks in advance

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You can't and shouldn't like that.

Firstly, LPCWSTR stands for "Long Pointer to Constant Wide String". Key word here is constant. Which means you can't modify it.

Secondly, it points to a string literal, which might be placed in read-only memory. Writing to that to append characters (e.g. using wcscat) could result in your program crashing.

Instead, use std::wstring:

std::wstring modelloc(L"MP_Urban");
modelloc += L".X";

Works exactly like you want.

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