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Programming Techniques. What should Grasshopper master before leaving the Temple?

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Please share your tome of programming knowledge here. Programming constructs that everyone should know so you won't have to b!tchslap later for not using or knowing it. Feel free to share them for any language or paradigm (ex: C, functional, AOP).

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Object Mentor has some really nice articles. In particular:

SRP - The Single Responsibility Principle. You should probably read this one first.

OCP - The Open-Closed Principle.

LSP - The Liskov Substitution Principle. Don't use inheritance without reading this.

DIP - The Dependency Inversion Principle.

ISP - The Interface Segregation Principle.

Granularity - Highly recommended if you are building a large library with lots of classes.

Stability - A continuation of the Granularity article.

Some other things to mention: Design patterns, KISS, YAGNI, loose coupling, high cohesion. I don't have any links for those, but the wikipedia articles are often a good place to start.

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Original post by daviangel
You probably want to get yourself to at least level 1 on most areas of this list. Higher levels on areas you want to specialize in:
Programmer Competency Matrix

I've bookmarked this matrix and will take it into account next time I decide to learn something new.

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