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Win32 MSG interception under the hood

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I'm just looking to know if it's even *possible* to do this, which it may not be... I am interested in performing a game analysis on Solitaire, and I would like to use my solitaire.exe (standard with any modern version of windows) as the simulator instead of having to write my own. I would like to write a program, most likely in C++/Windows, to perform all of the logic that a human player would utilize when playing solitaire. Furthermore, I would like this program to communicate with solitaire.exe through Windows. For example: The program starts by launching solitaire.exe and scanning the cards that are flipped over. Depending on what they are, it will know whether to move piles, or to start turning cards over in the main deck. I have a decent understanding of the Windows API and the messaging system (including the loop and queue). I think that in order to do this a program would need to know ahead of time the names of each handle (solitaire's hInstance, as well as the handles to any GUI controls such as cards or menu items, etc.) it would interact with. I know that this would probably be very complex and well outside my means, but was wondering if it is even possible to do this. I have heard of macro/hotkey programs that do similar things by running scripts, and perhaps it is even possible to accomplish this with batch files...I am not interested in these; strictly executable. Thanks for any input, ply

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