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Game engine for Machine Simulations

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Hi experts. I work in factory automation designing conveyor systems and want to create simulations of these conveyor systems which got me looking for physics engines. I need help deciding what level to get in at. I read a dozen books on game development and game engines and started programming a game engine in National Instruments Labview from scratch. So far I have basic Newton motion and collision detection, still have friction and rotatary motions to go. My hardware is all described in Solidworks so I have all the graphics inputs I need. This demo3d package does something similar ( but I need full access to the core as my intent is for more than just visalization. So my choices are to continue from the ground up or look at integrating an exisiting physics/game engine with Labview/Solidworks. My goal is to monitor the boxes moving round the conveyor, provide feedback from the simulation (for switching box paths, detecting blockages etc) and use this for visualizations and optimizing conveyor speed and entry of boxes etc. Any help and advice greatly appreciated. Mark.

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