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Hardware driver crash when in fullscreen (DX10)

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I'm having more problem concerning fullscreen mode in DX10. It seems I can't use hardware-support and fullscreen-mode together when creating the device and swapchain. This does not generate an error when creating the device (I get S_OK) but the program crashes later on. But creating the device with hardware seems to be ok, as long as it runs in windowed more? I have run into problems with fullscreen-mode when releasing the swapchain before. Any good thoughts on this?

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but the program crashes later on
You need to focus on this. Do you know exactly how/when/where it crashes? Can you deterministically reproduce this issue? Does PIX give you any insight into what your app is doing? Are you watching your HRESULT's? Debug runtime output?

Have you replicated the behaviour using the SDK samples? If they work fine with HAL in fullscreen then you can be pretty sure that your code is doing something incorrectly.

If you can reproduce it with a DXUT based SDK sample then give the RefRast a go just to be sure - that way you should be able to determine if it's something to do with your machine (e.g. drivers).


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