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Geoworld API and World Editor

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A few months ago I made a post about a World Editor and API system I had written for TV, the Geoworld system. After getting some great responses and feedback I took some time to make some examples and improvements to the beta and today I am proud to announce the official release of the Geoworld API and the Geonardo World Editor. I have teamed up with the staff over at Zepa Studios to in order to bring this product to the community with a full pledge of support, upgrades, custom solutions, source code, examples, assets and more. The Geoworld systems is more than a simple World Editor, its a full blown game making system with Audio and Video playback, the latest Shader technology, World editing tools, built in managers all wrapped in a very powerful API. The systems perfect for proto-typing, game development, landscape visualization and so much more. Version 1.0 has been released from Zepa Studios and it requires a license for TV3D 6.5SDK. The evaluation version of the Geoworld API is FREE and there are many pricing packages to fit almost all needs. for a full product lineup and feature list please check out: What is the Geoworld API? Geoworld is an API that is built on-top of the Truevision3D 6.5 SDK for DirectX 9.x. The API comes with several sub systems and features for creating real time 3D worlds for games, simulations and any other kind of virtual application. The API also comes with Geonardo a world editor that was built using the Geoworld API. What exactly does the Geoworld API help me do? The Geoworld API will help you get systems up and running fast so that you can focus on adding content to your game and shaping your rules. Building an RTS? RPG? Flight simulator or space simulation? The Geoworld API has an extensive library of functions and commands to quickly help build huge worlds and manage your assets such as models, actors, textures, materials, sounds, videos, rendering systems and more. Not only does it come with extensive world building tools and managers, but the Geoworld API also comes with an comprehensive in-process and post-process special effects system based on the latest HLSL technology. What are the features of the Geoworld Gaming System? Engine Information DirectX 9.0c / Managed DirectX 9.0c Truevision3D 6.5 SDK Required. Shader Model 1.0+ Hardware with TNL Required. OS Support: Windows XP, Windows XPx64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows Server 2008 32/64 Development Environment Support: Managed C++, C# and VB.NET Visual Studio 2005/2008 *Full Geoworld API Documentation and Samples in VB.NET and C# for Visual Studio 2005/2008 World management The Geoworld Gaming System also comes with the Geonardo World Editor which was constructed from the Geoworld API. File and directory path management objects to allow you to move your media around easily. Comprehensive Truevision3D object manager for quick and seamless integration with the Truevision3D 6.5 SDK G-Zip file library for custom package creation and deployment. Movement tracker with optional coordination translation system for better precision handling (Move camera/Move world) Saving/Loading facilities. The map system uses a form of Binary serialization to achieve its persistent state for saving and reloading assemblies fast, secure and easy. You can quickly save and load your World data with the API or using the Geonardo World Editor. Either way the system is at your fingertips via both applications. Texture management Material management Static Mesh management Actor management Water management Render management Post-Process Render management Audio/Video management Environmental management Attachment management (all assets) Special Effects management Texture management Supports BMP, JPG, DDS, PNG. Retexture any asset and landscapes on the fly. Material management Apply custom materials to any asset on the fly Automatically adjusts materials to for superb blending control over many styles of lighting. Let the API adjust (optional) materials for superb blending control over many styles of lighting and conditions. Landscape management Define your world as big or as small as you would like using several methods of stretching and vertex chunking to get the look and feel you want. Paging landscape system with definable view area. Landscape detail texturing. Landscape splatting supported (up to 8 layers). Create custom roads, fields, grass areas, rocky slopes and more. Edge blurring routines to help smooth over splat edges. Paged splatting management for super fast rendering times with many splatted landscape objects. Automatic alpha map generation/application and painting tools. Optional Landscape LOD and Dynamic LOD supported over paging landscapes. Depth buffer build (Optional). Managed lighting support for Landscapes. Landscape placement and management systems via the Geonardo World Editor. Built in Perlin routines for dynamic landscape generation. Real time deformation of terrain. Environmental management Cloud control system. Fogging control system (above and below liquid). Wind power control system World time control system. Day/Night control system (Sun/Moon/Flares/Starmap/Lighting management/Sphere mapped light rays). Sun / Sun-flaring system. Moon / Glow / Star-map system. Light cycle management. Real time blended sky system based on Renaud Bédard's Sky Shader. *See the special effects management systems for more added effects. Foliage management Create grassing packs, small clutter effects or tree canopy. Object placement and management systems via the Geonardo World Editor. Custom color blending for perfect day/night transitions. All HLSL driven and overridable (HLSL managed lighting only). Water management Multiple level watering systems support. Create rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. Waterfall effects (HLSL Only). Two watering systems SM1.0 and SM2+ (HLSL Water system based on Renaud Bédard's Water Shader). Real time wave simulations (HLSL Only) . Water refraction and reflective surfaces. Water caustics. Depth buffer build (Optional). Custom alpha map generation for edge blending Water placement and management systems via the Geonardo World Editor. Extensive blending and configuration settings to perfect your watering needs. Mesh management Base mesh factory for setting up duplications. Duplication facility for quick spawning of assets. Threaded normal map generation (Geonardo). Normal map and Parallax Support. Custom light map support. Managed lighting. Depth buffer build (Optional). Attach other mesh or particles add extra effects to your static models. Object placement and management systems via the Geonardo World Editor. You can easily override internal rendering techniques with HLSL. Actor management (Coming in v1.1) Base actor factory for setting up duplications. Duplication facility for quick spawning of assets. Animation management and player Normal map and Parallax Support. Managed lighting. Depth buffer build (Optional). Attach other mesh or particles add extra effects to your Actors. Actor placement and management systems via the Geonardo World Editor. You can easily override internal rendering techniques with HLSL. Audio/Video management 3D Audio positional audio support with listener objects and 3D sound wrappers for normal sounds. Full array of controls (pitch, velocity, etc) for your sound objects. Above and below water settings for sound wrappers and music. DirectShow based filters for maximum compatibility and interchangeability of audio and video styles supported Native Support WMV, WAV,MP3,MPEG,MID *Geoworld will play any format that the computer has a filter for, so if you send out filters for OGG it will support it natively. Video playback viewports for instant video playback in your game world. Music/Video/Sound cataloging. Sound marker placement (Geonardo) and settings for positioning sounds like water running, crickets and more in certain areas. Full media playback capabilities with positional information and timing variables. Attach sound objects to any other asset. Special Effects Manager In-Process special effects. Fire, Firefly's, Light sourcing, Over-casting, Rain, Sleet, Snow, Smoke, Lightning, Rainbows, Water Misting, Sparks, Volume Fog, Volume Clouding, Volume Gas, Bubbles. Post-Process special effects. Bloom, Blur, Black & White, Caustics, Depth of View. Optional depth buffer building for all assets. Attach an effect to any other effect, actor or mesh. Abstract BaseEffectClass extended so you can wrap up your own effects into the Geoworld effect pipeline. Effect placement (Geonardo) and settings for control of all effects. Questions or comments? Contact me here for I look forward to posting more advances and showcasing demo's soon. C# examples are already online an the VB.NET versions will be online soon. Pat Shearon Zepa Studios.

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Original post by goglay
new video

New Beta:

New source code example:

Tons of great features like real time SSAO, dynamic lighting, mesh management, so much more, a compelte game engine.


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Gronardo World Editor
Written by Pat Shearon aka Hawthorne.
For sales Contact: [email][/email]

Important Links

Special Thanks to:
Goglay (Kevin Chiu), AriusEso (Geoff Wilson), Sylvain, Almaris, Mithian (John Rodenburg), Crim (Jack Bray), Zaknafein (Renaud Bédard), Blindsided, JohnB2 (John Brewer), Ninechars (Chad Wegner) and the TrueVision3D Community.

Version 1.2 Release notes
Fixed Landscape splatting issues on seams was missing seam edges on some systems (floating point error has been fixed).
Fixed 1.2 map crahes due to bad TVAI settings has been fixed.
Fixed Loading maps that did not contain water after a map that had water was causing a crash, this has been fixed.
Fixed Selecting on a 4 corner seam would not raise one of the corners properly, this has been fixed.
Fixed Selecting on particular vertices on one end of a map with the selection tool would cause a crash when a filter was applied. This has been fixed.
Fixed Splat manager was not updating all splats properly in its list after splats were created or removed, this has been fixed.
Fixed Heightmap importing was causing a crash. This has been fixed.
Fixed Map creation defaults.
Fixed Foilage removal was not removing properly this has been fixed.
Added Holding the shift key down now will increase your movement speed over land.
Added Splat erasing on any level, custom, auto or slopes.
Added RGB offsets for Skyshader's Coloration.
Added Adjust to last selection filter added for terraforming.
Added Mold landscape to Mesh feature.
Added Select landscape via Mesh Vertices.
Added AI Pathing creation for Actors/Cameras/Mesh. You can also save Path graphs for server side pathfinding.
Added AI Collision system.
Added AI Movement system.
Added AIAgent Abstract class which can be used by you and is part of each mesh and actor.
Added AIScripting layers (C# and VB.NET based scripting with interface/object exposure)
Added Packaging System API (Gzip based).
Added Camera Y adjust in Geonardo under Options.
Added Rendering markers for AI paths.
Added Volume clouding special effect.
Added SSAO (Screen space ambient occlussion) effect.
Added Depth buffer render viewport.
Added You can now place selection markers on mesh (Selection Options/Select GroundOnly) this is useful when making AI paths on slopes of mesh and other mesh structures.
Added New C# source code Samples have been addede to the installation package.
Added a demo map ( has been added to the setup build and you may load it for an example of what you can make.
Added a playback standalone system (Geoplay.exe and Geoplay.cfg) these 2 files come installed with geonardo and can be used to play back your maps outside of the editor (you will still need to distribute TV6.5 DLL's and Geoworld's API DLL's in order to make this work on other computers that do not have the Geoworld API installed. A stand alone Geoplay setup [geoplaysetup.exe] comes with 1.2).
Updated the User interface now has tab coloration and has been broken into 2 areas, Managers and World Builders.
Updated the Actor class has been upgraded with an AIAgent and a new MeshGroup collection. These class additions allow you much greater control over AI, mesh groups, shaders, blending and more.
Updated the Mesh class also has the new AIAgent and MeshGroup systems in place.
Updated several Geoworld API enhancments and new features for special effect building and world interaction.
Updated extended several new custom shader options to all sub systems.
Updated Adjusted lighting and sun/fog settings for a better world color blend scheme.
Updated Several new Collection managers have been added under the properties of mesh and actor to help better manage your settings and access to them (Geonardo).

Version 1.1 Release notes
Fixed lighting issues with materials.
Fixed Selection zOrder on Mesh/Actor selection editing.
Fixed Erasing selections would sometimes take several passes this has been fixed.
Fixed crash on manipulation of unloaded landscape vertices.
Fixed removing all of a selected foilage from the landscapes.
Added litbysun switch on special effects.
Added ramping to last selection point under filters.
Added erasing selections from splatting layers (custom only).
Added a boundary system for blocking off cotnent.
Added markers for Effects, Sounds, and Bounding boxes with labels.
Added a Shader Manager and integration pipeline.
Added several new special effects and shaders (TreeAnimation, Bloom, Falling leaves and more).
Added the Actor sub-systems (animtaions, texturing, attachments and more).
Added the Actor Animation browser.
Added Selected Viewport render.
Added Selection cirlce (shows pathing of collision box on selections of mesh and actors).
Added New release notes screen.
Added Saving and Loading of Selections
Added a new SceneManagerClass for better control over rendering Mesh and Actor over paged landscapes.
Added the AI grid and node creation system for Actor and Pathfind AI.
Added an AIAgent Class (More on this in 1.2).
Added Stencil shadow support.
Updated texture pipeline for better integration with models and mesh.
Updated better stats UI layout on minimap.
Updated Water generation and waving effects
Updated the User interface.
Updated the lighting system (better blending with sun effects and fog).
Updated the Mesh Class to handle the new texture pipeline.

Link: Geoworld_v12.exe (
The system comes with 1.2 Geoworld API, 1.2 Geonardo World Editor, Source Code examples, Geoplay and Geoplay's Setupkit, and a Media library of examples with a demo map.


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