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How to control computer HDD-led from Linux...?

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Hi! I'm wondering if any of you fine people have tried gaining control over the computer LED that shows disk-activity..? What I'm trying to do is to simply blink the light when a certain condition occurs, to give an visual clue when not using a monitor. Unfortunaly, I can't use the parallel-port for this since there is none. I've tried a simple script that does the trick (somewhat) but it seems like a really "cheap" way of doing it...
while [ 1 ]; do
   touch /tmp/blinkme
   rm /tmp/blinkme

Also, I don't know the effect of the sync-command if the computer gets turned off whilst running - as the computer is likely to be from time to time. So, does anyone have a couple of pointers or an idea of any kind? :) Thanks in advance! /Robert

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Motherboards generally hard-wire that thing to the data-push pins of the IDE/SATA controllers (plus some circutry to make the pulse last long enough to be visible, of course).

However, if you have an LED, you could wire together something to make it glow when you send data out a serial connection. But it'll be safer to get a kit for that sort of thing.

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Thanks for the tips, but unfortunally this particular solution/problem doesn't allow me to use a keyboard or external ports for communication. Just the two leds on the front, power and hdd. The product is primarly accessed via ssh/telnet and I can't really modify it either since that would take to much time in production. :)

Again, thanks for your time!


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