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[MSVC] DLL hell using CEGUI

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Hi, I'm build a C++ DLL depending on CEGUI for my GUI system, using MSVC2005. I am statically linking the CEGUI libraries, in an effort to simplify things! (haha) The DLL compiles okay. When I try to load the DLL, I get the dreaded:
 Error: The Side-by-Side configuration information for "x:\simon\dev\wc_client\trunk\client\lib\GUI.DLL" contains errors. 
This usually points to components built with different code-generation methods, right? I hoped turning on /VERBOSE:LIB would point at the clash which is causing the SxS error. I am linking to:
The linker says:
Searching libraries
    Searching C:\Program Files\DXSDK\Lib\x86\d3dx9d.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\DXSDK\Lib\x86\d3d9.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\DXSDK\Lib\x86\dxguid.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\DXSDK\Lib\x86\dxerr9.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\lib\CEGUIBase_Static_d.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\lib\DirectX9GUIRenderer_Static_d.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\lib\CEGUIExpatParser_Static_d.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\lib\CEGUIFalagardWRBase_Static_d.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\winmm.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\dependencies\lib\pcre_d.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\dependencies\lib\freetype_d.lib:
    Searching C:\CEGUI_0.6.1\dependencies\lib\expat_d.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\kernel32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\user32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\gdi32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\winspool.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\comdlg32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\advapi32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\shell32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\ole32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\oleaut32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\uuid.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\odbc32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\WSDK\Lib\odbccp32.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\lib\msvcprtd.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\lib\MSVCRTD.lib:
    Searching C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\lib\OLDNAMES.lib:
Finished searching libraries
I can't see any conflicts here, so why the SxS error? thanks all Simon EDIT--------------- Here's a hunch My app is compiled using multibyte character set. If the prebuilt CEGUI libs use unicode, could that be it?

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