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I have a game design I've been working on for a while as theoretical and now am finding time in between classes to pull out my copy of Torque Game Engine for some experimentation and research into design but I'm curious what more experienced people think of this idea. What I have in mind is basically a RPG RTS combination. My thoughts is the overall world is managed similar to a simplified RTS. Each side is made up of statistics which are a combination of all of the units on each side. The statistics will determine which battles each side will undertake and what the results of each battle will be based on AI actions, with a little randomness of course. Depending on processing power required and complexity, each of these sides will either be processed as a single entity for simplicity or, if it proves to be implementable without too much difficulty, each side can be broken apart. Likely breakdowns would be based on rank structure, breaking down further until each individual unit is simulated should this prove possible. The RPG side involves how the player will affect the overall statistics. My current thoughts on the matter is both the player and the current simulated AI units (all units if possible, otherwise the units the player is currently interacting with will be simulated as a unit) will have different effects based on activity as follows. Resource activities. Activities that affect resources (gathering resources, building resources, maintaining resources, etc) will be determined based on how many units a side has dedicated to that activity. If there are 100 units mining an average of 10 units per hour then storage will increase at that rate if nothing else affects it. If the other side's AI decides to attack mining then the statistics will be decreased by a set value during this time, either temporarily or permenantly. On the other hand if the player or a directly simulated NPC acts on a mining operation then an additional variable value will be added. If the player decides to join the mining then 10 units per hour will be gained plus the number of units the player can mine each time the player returns a load, not an average per hour value like simulated for the overall side. If the player decides to steal or interrupt the operation then a value will be subtracted for each successful operation. The player can only affect the average change if he kills a miner or destroys equipment. Battles. Simulated battles are similar to resource gathering, win/lost, units killed, territory gained are all based on the statistics of each side, everything based on a per hour change. When the player walks in on a battle it begins to be simulated instead based on individual NPCs. The player and the NPCs battle is more of the "real" battle approach of each player has X abilities that determine its ability to kill and survive and battles are won when the other side is all killed or run off. If the player leaves in the middle of the battle the stats for each side are recalculated and the simulation resumes. Other affects. The tactical simulation is all based on RPG style statistics, abilities of the units to do different jobs, interest in doing the jobs, willingness to interact/learn from the player, etc. All of these stats can change based on the NPC learning new things, gaining confidence, being injured, growing old(not sure about aging but considering it), etc. The player can choose to affect different sides based on interacting with NPCs instead of performing the jobs directly. Affects would be based on the player's interaction stats as well as if the player decides to build trust in the NPCs or fear or other possible relationships. What I'm shooting for is an RTS where the player interacts similar to real life instead of clicking on an NPC and telling it to travel over there and attack that target. NPCs will decide for themselves what orders they are willing to follow, if you tell a radioman to attack a tank, he will likely refuse the order unless he really trusts or fears you. I know this is a huge project to develop but I'm not approaching it as a game for sale (but I'd still love to :) ) but more of a research project into building a large simulation one piece at a time. Right now I'm just figuring out how to spawn an NPC in TGE to plant a field of crops and teach my PC how to do the same...

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