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Rendering Clouds, 2.5D Ray Tracer

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Dear All, I'm still trying to render clouds as beautiful as the ones shown in YannL's famous cloud thread( I think I have the bascis down. I have a Bresenham Line Tracer which I'm using to ray trace the voxel field, applying scattering as I go, and the basics appear to be working. I do however have a couple of major problems, which I'd be gratful if anyone could help me with. First, I cant seem to get the perspective of the clouds quite right, no matter where I position the point light. Some parts of the clouds look squashed, and others are badly lacking the feeling of depth that Yann's have(I got some 3D apperance, but not much). Is there some kind of ratio I have to follow here? I cant see where I'm going wrong with this. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for the scattering constant ak * τk / 4π (from the harris paper). I cant seem to find a good value that not too dark that doesnt destory any 3D-like appereance(possibly this is a function of my perspective errors however). Finally, I have this texture on a plane, I'd like to project it onto a box. I cant follow Yann's thoughts here, can anyone point me to an additional resource for the equation for this projection? Regards, Jesse

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