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writing a "portable" AI bot

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Hello all, I'm kinda new to game programming but have an interesting project that I would like to do. I want to write a bot (for FPS games) that sits outside the game application and plays based on an AI I have written (and will be revising with new strategies). Obviously there will be game specific definitions (ie. what is an enemy, etc.) but currently I just want to get the base app working with a single game namely "unreal tournament 2004" (I chose this for it lower system requirements compared to more recent games). I have enough experience with writting AI algorithms and such but lack any background in working with directx or similar graphics apps. I'd be happy if any of you guys could help direct me with the following questions. Thanks in advance. So here is my problem/questions: 1. I need to capture the screen and forward it into my program. I've used opencv like programs to handle image and video data in c++ but these usually (to my knowledge) don't capture the live screen output. Is there a good program or reference that I could look at that does this? 2. I also need to record keyboard and mouse movements for the player. This is mainly cause my AI can use training data from a human player to improve its behavior. So logging the keyboard and mouse data sync-ed with the image data would be very useful. Is there a easy way to log the user input data? 3. Finally, since my bot will be sitting outside the game, it needs to send inputs to the game much like a human would. And so is there a way I could send the desired keyboard presses and mouse movements to the computer and make it seem that the keyboard or mouse was moved? I'd appreciate any help or pointers you guys could give me. The end result I'm hoping for is an AI that learns to play just like the training data (ie. train the AI to play like you). -qrio

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