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Question about MegaTexture and UV mapping

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I asked this on Beyond3D before but I'll ask here too because I have no answer so far. Not sure how id Software's Tech5 handles this specifically, but is it safe to assume that they use an automatic unwrap algorithm (similar to that found in 3D packages), which would imply of course heavier meshes, but no stretching nor any seams whatsoever? I know John said that the issue of stretched textures is resolved in the current MegaTexture approach, and at the same time the tech can be used on props, characters, etc., so I'm really inclined to think that UV mapping is automatically generated. If this is the case, does the fact that so many triangles would be detached bring about other limitations or drawbacks of some sort other than taking more memory on disk? If this is not the case, how the heck would you, for example, paint sand on the ground that accumulated up over the side of a wall, some crack going from the ground and over a wall, etc., without seams or pixel-ratio issues, etc.? I'm 100% sure that with Id Tech5 this is not an issue, but I can't imagine how this could be achieved without separating almost every faces in the UV map. Of course, I think as an artist, so what do I know;) The other approach would be to manually select, in the engine, the faces over which one wants to paint where there would be a seam, like the triangles where the ground meets the wall, and have THOSE automatically unwrapped, and then paint to fix any mess caused by the displacement of the UVs as a result, but I think John would have come up with a faster solution:)

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