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Looking for a specific tutorial

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I am not sure if this is the right place for such a question, but none of the other topics seemed any better suited so... Ages back I was just starting to learn C# and managed DirectX. I had found a tutorial that was great, it started out with the game design aspects, instead of jumping into graphics. It had the message handlers and precision timers and direct input and etc. Anyway, my hard drive died before I could finish the tutorial, then life took a turn and I lost track of what the link to this tutorial was. I've spent a LONG time looking for it since I've started trying to learn game design again, to no avail. I was wondering if anyone else had used the same tutorial and knows the Author's name, or a link to it? The finished product of the tutorial was a sprite based game that had a pong paddle at the bottom edge of the screen and multicolored blocks at the top. A ball would hit a block and bounce around, the idea was to clear all of the blocks away. I just can't remember what the tutorial or the simple game were called, and can't remember the author. It wasn't very high up on google's search list the first time I found it, and I can't find it at all now. (Or I've forgotten exactly what I typed, this was a couple years ago) The author might have deleted the page, or published the content into a book. It was really an excellent tutorial. I just wish I could find it again :P If anyone has seen the tutorial I'm talking about and could give me a hand I would be grateful.

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