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PyOpenGl Uniform (GLSL) problem

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Hi, i'm trying to set a uniform for a GLSL program. The offending code is below:
print "Program: "+str(self.program)
loc = glGetUniformLocation(self.program,'sing')
print "sing: "+str(glGetUniformLocation(self.program,'sing'))

This gives the following output: Program: 1 sing: 0 (would be -1 if not a valid uniform?) Traceback (most recent call last): line 145, in present glUniform1f(loc,1.0) File "c:\python25\lib\site-packages\PyOpenGL-3.0.0b3-py2.5.egg\OpenGL\platform\baseplatform.py", line 261, in __call__ return self( *args, **named ) File "c:\python25\lib\site-packages\PyOpenGL-3.0.0b3-py2.5.egg\OpenGL\error.py", line 194, in glCheckError baseOperation = baseOperation, GLError: GLError( err = 1282, description = 'invalid operation', baseOperation = glUniform1f, cArguments = (0, 1.0) ) Surely these are valid arguments? I feel I must be missing something more fundamental here. The vertex shader:
varying vec3 lightDir;
uniform float sing;
varying float intensity;
void main()
       lightDir = vec3(0.0, sing, 0.0);
       intensity = dot(lightDir,gl_Normal);
       gl_Position = ftransform();

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Ok, a more general question:

In what situations is it possible for glUniform1f to casue an error/exception?
(All other unifrom setting eg. 3f, 3vf, 2i also fails)

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Original post by HuntsMan

There's the errors generated by glUniform*

Thank you. The problem turned out to be that I needed to call glUseProgram before glUniform. I had assumed that since glGetUniformLocation takes a program ID as an argument, it would return a "global" location that could be used without changing the active program,

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