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Open source 2.5d game development framework (available under LGPL now!)

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Team name: FIFE developing team. Project name: FIFE - Flexible Isometric Fallout(-like) Engine. (We're currently thinking about switching to a new name or at least changing the meaning of the FIFE acronym to show that we've moved away from the Fallout roots & limitations of the engine.) Brief description: Just like the name of our project suggests we work on an open source framework for isometric 2.5d games. The framework started as a Fallout-related project but we decided to turn it into a complete isometric framework for the development of cross platform games in general. We are focusing on the development of the framework itself but will bundle it together with an (rather simple) example game. This way game creators have a starting point for their own FIFE-based projects. We're working on comfortable and easy-to-use editing tools as well. The framework and the tools are meant to run on all flavours of Linux, Win32 and MacOSX. The FIFE project is in development since almost three years now and we have released eight public alpha & beta versions of the framework on sourceforge / freshmeat over this time. We did release our latest stable milestone 2008.1 at 2008/07/13. We're currently in the early planning phase for our next planned milestone 2008.2 that will hopefully ship some time between early November till end of December. Target aim: Open source LGPL v2.1; non-profit. Technology: Linux, Windows, MacOSX C++, Python SDL, OpenGL (optional), Boost library 3d modeling tool of your choice (e.g. Blender) SVN sourcecode checkout:
svn co
HTTP sourcecode download: FIFE 2008.1 source package Links: Website Wiki Getting started guide for interested developers FIFE documentation (doxygen, epydoc, IRC logs for developers) Design documents Developer blog Roadmap for the upcoming releases FIFE-based games in development: Keys of Naand - a medieval fantasy RPG OpenAnno - a strategy game / economy simulation inspired by the Anno game series Zero-Projekt: Was vom Morgen blieb - A postnuclear RPG set in a German wasteland Current release: Stable: FIFE 2008.1 Win32 (official release based on r2512) FIFE 2008.1 source package (official release based on r2512) Experimental: FIFE 2008.1 Win32 (official release based on r2512) Ways to contact the team: IRC channel: | #fife eMail: mvBarracuda AT web DOT de ICQ: 98600423 MSN: mvBarracuda AT web DOT de AIM: barrafife Important: We've moved away from our Fallout roots over the last months. Since the 2007.2 release FIFE doesn't support loading Fallout maps anymore but just our own XML-based map format. If you want to use the Fallout maps with older FIFE releases you will need a legit copy of Fallout 1 or 2. Videos:
">2008.0 promotion trailer Screenshots: To give you an impression of the current status of FIFE we took sample screenshots of the two most recent stable releases and one that shows FIFE in combination with Fallout's assets. 2008.1 milestone: Rio de hola Editor tool 2008.0 milestone: Placing clouds with the editor tool. Continuum graphics pack in FIFE 2007.2 techdemo: 2007.2 techdemo #1 2007.2 techdemo #2 2007.1 island_demo: 2007.1 techdemo Fallout support: Fallout support #1 Fallout support #2 Feedback: Feel free to add whatever feedback you like :-) Criticism will help us to improve the project.

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