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Future Front (birds eye view shooter game)

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Future Front This game is set in the future, in which players are pitted against other players, and robots. When logging into Future Front, users will create their new character. Starting from level one up until level 10 they will be given basic equipment to choose from. Progressing in levels. Once level 10 is attained users will choose what class they will be. Each class has his different strengths and weaknesses. Levels are attained by killing other players, for instance form level one to level two will require 100 player kills, to level three will require 200, and so fourth. Basic example of what classes could be are. Tanker class- Move slow, have big weapons, can hold lots of weight for equipment Spy class- Invisible at certain ranges, short ranged gun, move fast, carry light equipment Soldier class- Balanced class, holds decent weight, decent weapons, est. Engineer class- May set robots, to fight for it, create mines, and battle turrets, to shoot at enemies Game play is set in a birds eye view, in a similar style to AOE 2. The playing field will be a set limit of how large it is. Depending on what the player is entering the field to do. (explained later) The field would be a set field, in which a player will move across, for an average computers resolution, a player would see there character, who is about the size of a quarter, and the entire playing field, in birds eye view, screen centering as the player movers closer to the edge of his screen, to view more of the field. Game play would work as follows Users attain equipment for feet, legs, waist, chest, shoulders, neck, head, hands, and eyes. Equipment will have special abilities according to class. (explained later) Users will right click to fire a single shot, or hold for rapid fire. Use left mouse to click on the map, and move, or use asdw/keypad for movement. When firing a shot, shots will move across map, at a steady pace, however, other users will be able to dodge these shots by moving away from them. Depending on which ammo, or weapon the other users have will effect how easy/hard it will be to dodge a shot. For example, a slow ammo used when shot from a far distance, in a single shot will be VERY easy to dodge, however, a fast ammo shot at rapid fire from a medium distance, in a sporadic type of fire will be very difficult to dodge. This is the basic concept of how game play works, the environment and class will effect how the player makes his decisions greatly, offering up an immense amount of skill determination among users v users. The world the players will be set in is very similar to a natural environment. There will be grassland, mountains, hills, trees, water, desert, est. Each terrain will have a certain effect if moved upon. For example, grasslands the player moves at normal speeds, trees slightly slower, mountains very slow, water incredibly slow. Terrain will also effect the players vision and ammo. Players with heat sensing technology can see players behind any terrain, other vision types of equipment may only see through trees, or mountains. Some ammo may pierce trees, some may not, some may effect a larger land mass then others, and some may travel over all terrain while others do not. For example, a grenade launcher, shoots over all terrain and effects a 3x3 radius, not hitting anything on contact, rather only where it detonates. While a regular rifle may not pierce any terrain, but travel faster and hit enemies on contact. Users will have designated battle camps, wear they may not enter the battlefield, instead they may trade equipment, purchase new ammo from stores, buy equipment form stores, and store equipment. Once the players decides to enter the battlefield he will be made an enemy to all other users, and once he is killed, he will reenter the battle camp and wait a designated time before he may reenter the fighting zone. Each time a player kills another, he earns a commission from his ‘class leader’. Players may also partake in group battles v instanced bosses and enemies (players form a group and enter the instanced field). Or tournaments for player v player teams, in which a captain is chosen for each team, then players are chosen depending on their reputation and skill. Tournaments will have an entry fee, with the winning team winning the other teams money. An example of how the equipment would work would be. A rusted WW3 helmet(cost 3) Wears on your head ‘this thing is pretty useless’ A pair of x-ray goggles(cost 5600) Wears on your eyes You can see through trees(see the emery users who are other unseen behind trees) A Imperial Legion Titanium Jacket(200000) Item of rare quality(obtained by defeated an instance boss) This item is of legendary make, once worn by the imperial guard. Gives the users camouflage in forest(blocks x-ray vision from seeing them) Gives the user forest satellite camouflage(other users can not see them on satellite, or radar) Gives the user a 45% chance to deflect enemy shots. A Rapid Fire Stargun(cost 650) Wears on your right hand Fires 1 shot at a time Goes 22 spaces Firing rate of 2 per second Hits on contact Uses ‘stargun ammo’ A pair old starship trooper pants(cost 100) Wears on your legs Offers 5% chance to deflect enemy fire A pair of antique air Jordan shows(4000) Wears on your feet Grants the user 1+ speed bonus Also, there will be modifications that users may put on their equipment, like a laser guide, which would make the above weapon look like this A Rapid Fire Stargun[laser guided](2000) Wears on your right hand Goes 22 spaces (+3) Firing rate of 2 per second Hits on contact Uses ‘stargun ammo’ I can go into much further detail, and explain things better, I have not thought of a back-story or any sort of basic plot, basically this is the game features and how it would work. What do you think? Plausible? Unique? User Skill Driven?

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I am working on something like this (not multilayer and a LOT simpler)

Like your ideas very much, but it is going to be a lot of work.

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Is this a game your making or just an idea you had? I can't visualize what it is going to be like much since I don't play a wide variety of games, but I understand you have a basic idea of some gameplay but that's it. How can you make a shooting game similar to Age of empires 2 anyways? Do you mean something like Gears or War in a 3rd person view? Would the game be made up of tiles or a fully explorable world? Dodgable bullets sounds like a very good idea I think.

Maybe I got the wrong image in my head and I'm looking like an idiot and other people completely understand this, who knows lol.

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Q. Is this a game your making or just an idea you had?

A. This is just an idea. As of now.

Q. How can you make a shooting game similar to Age of empires 2 anyways?

A. I was not referring to AOE 2 game play, merely the graphical aspect of it. An overhead bird's eye view of your character, with similar graphical qualities. However, the birds eye view would be straight overhead, not angled. You would see your character on a playing field, along with part of the map, depending on how your great your resolution is. The shots from other players/enemies would travel across the map, as to where you can see them from a distance, until where they land. So in retrospect, you will see your character, and the shots at the same time, moving your character accordingly to dodge the shots.

Q. Do you mean something like Gears or War in a 3rd person view?

A. Now at all, you're thinking way outside of what I'm trying to explain. This is not a traditional FPS shooter. It is more like a graphical 2D MUD game, but with enhanced graphics and game play. Try to picture a RPG game, where you see your character overhead, with a similar environment to AOE 2.

Q. Would the game be made up of tiles or a fully explorable world?

A. Ideally, a tile based map would be much easier to create, and character movement across tiles, along with bullets moving across tiles would work perfectly. However, a fully explorable world would be more appealing, but require immense resources. Basically, for regular player v player game play, users can choose which map to play on, every so often having a vote to change maps. Instanced maps for pve would be prearranged. And tournament maps, would be played on the same map as the regular game play map.

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This kind of reminds me of Half Life's mod Team Fortress but with a bird's eye view.

Just a setting-related question - how does the stargun work?

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This sounds great and is similar to some ideas I drafted a while ago. I recall many games in a similar setting as this... old games like Rambo or Alien Syndrome, yet with actual character upgrades.

Would the player see the incoming rounds, and have to move the avatar to dodge, or would there be an "evasion" type skill... where the avatar would just dodge automatically?

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The player would have to move his character, in one of 4 directions to dodge the shot, up, down, left, or right. Say a shot is coming at you from the right side, you would not move left or right, because you would either move directly into the shot, or move back into the shot. Thus, you move up and down to dodge it, then respond with counter fire, or whatever it is you decide to do. Equipment and class would player a major roll. Some classes equipment would allow for greater vision distance, or see through terrain, while other classes may counter this by being invisible behind some terrains est.

Weapons like the Star Gun was just an example of the equipment type weapons you would obtain. It's stats would reflect how you play and how good of a weapon it is. Some weapons would reflect different play style.

The weapon you obtain will have a number of factors.

Weapons like grenade launcher would weigh a lot more than say...a Star Gun, or Basic pistol type weapon. Grenade launchers would also require you to carry grenades...for ammo. And each grenade would weigh a certain amount. Thus, only a class suited to carry a lot of weight would ideally fit the grenade launcher weapon. The more weight you carry the slower your character will move also, however class would determine how much slower. Lets take a look at the Tanker class for example.

Tanker Class

The tanker class is the heavy weapons on the field, it moves slow, but shoots a lot of ammo, at great firing rates, and great distances. It is ideal for sitting from a distance and 'hosing' shots across the map. Though, the vision distance and capabilities of the tanker class is very limited. Thus, this class requires a lot of 'guess' shots, and predicting where enemies are on the other side of the map, or wherever they may be.

A strategy the heavy weapon class may use is, out shooting another class and reflecting shots. This is the basic equipment this strategy would require.

A reflective steel helmet
reflects 10% of shots to the head

A pair of thermal viewing goggles[hard coated] <--a modification
they see through mountains
they see a maximum distance of 12 spaces
reflects 5% of shots to the eyes

A reflective scarf
reflects 10% of shots to the neck

A large backpack
Holds equipment/ammo
Contents[100% full]
(16 'fast paint grenades')

A Reflective Rural Jacket
reflects 25% of shots to the body
contains camouflage in plains, and trees
(users with satellite can not see you on radar when you're standing on plains or trees)
*radar is a small box on your screen with a small map of the field, that shows users on it, however camouflage blocks this

(can not equip a belt because grenade launcher requires this body part to wear)

A pair of reflect pants
reflects 10% of shots to the waste

A pair of heavy steel toed shoes
reflects 50% of shots to the feet

A Grenade Launcher[rapid fire][barrel] <--two mods (limit is 2 mods per equipment)
(holds 8 grenades)
Goes a maximum of 38 spaces
Fires Grenades
Firing rate of 4 (higher firing rate means the more you can shoot as faster rates, lower firing rates means you shot less)
*rapid fire mod increases firing rate by 2, however decreases range by 2
*barrel mod increases range by 3 while decreases firing rate by 1

So this is this users equipment, he has 22 grenades when he enters a battle. However, this is very basic equipment, only a couple have modifications, and it uses very little weight. However, as the users increase in levels, they will gain the ability to carry more weight for equipment, and purchase much more better weapons, and carry multiple weapons at once.

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