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[SOLVED] c++ (unmanaged) to c# (XNA) problem

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Hey guys! Havent posted here in a while as i havent been coding for a while (got a new job taking up time and coding is just a hobbie for me). I used to play around with Direct3D using c++ but recently decided to check out XNA. First impression is it rocks btw! ;) Not sure how easy it will be to publish/share my programs but i will address that when i come to it. BUT i am trying to get some old code converted to c# XNA from c++ (unmanaged) and i am having a problem. My old code was a camera class. ie keep track of position and look vectors etc and create a veiw and projection matrix from the information. Mostly i have rewritten it fine in c# but for some reason some specific functions do not work. example:- This function tilts the camera up (the view matrix is made later in an update() functin)
void CAMERA::tiltUp(float deltaTime)

and is called using

where KEYDOWN is a macro that checks the key state. In XNA c# i thought this would work:-
public void tiltUp(int millisecs)
            //do the tilting
            Matrix.CreateFromAxisAngle(ref right, (-1.0f * (millisecs * turnSpeed)),out worker);
            Vector3.TransformNormal(look, worker); 
            Vector3.TransformNormal(up, worker);

            //As changed these best normalize again

where worker is just a matrix i use for all the classes calculations. This is called in the game classes overidden update member function with the following:-
if (Keyboard.GetState().IsKeyDown(Keys.Up))

but nothing happens. What is wierd is the move forward/backward functions work fine as does the function that actually makes the viewMatrix (a one liner in XNA - colour me impressed!). My problem is that i dont know if the code is wrong as im new to c# or if i am using the wrong methods from XNA or if my math is just wrong (i am rusty). Any help appreciated. Regards P.S. This is the code for a Property (the first property i ever made! A good feature of c# in my opinion) of the look vector in the above cove code. It is hideous. There must be a better way of doing this?!
public Vector3 Look 
                //Check value is not all zero
                if (value == Vector3.Zero) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("Look");
                //store and nomalize this new value
                Vector3 newLook = value;
                //Assuming look is also normalised

                //Find cross vector (it will be rotation axis)
                Vector3 cross = Vector3.Cross(newLook, look);

                //Find cos of angle between new and old look
                float dot = Vector3.Dot(newLook, look);

                //un-cos it
                dot = (float)Math.Acos(dot);

                //Rotate up BY this angle AROUND cross vector to maintain orthoganal vectors
                Matrix trans = Matrix.CreateFromAxisAngle(cross,dot);
                up = Vector3.Transform(up, trans);

                //Finally asign new look value
                look = newLook;

                //recalc right vector
                right = Vector3.Cross(up, look);

                //Note maintained normalized (unit vector) status after final asignment
            } get { 
                return look; 

[Edited by - galapogos22 on July 15, 2008 5:10:34 PM]

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The answer to your first problem, I believe, is that you are ignoring the return value of the TransformNormal functions. The TransformNormal function doesn't modify the input vector, it returns a new one.

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