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MS ScriptControl(msscript.ocx) issues with releasing it(deadlock)

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I inherited some code that uses the MSScript control(msscript.ocx to be exact) for various scripting things in our application. The scripting itself works fine(Except for the fact that it runs certain parts of our application asynchronous, and therefor not always works as desired, but that's a problem of a different cause), except I end up in a deadlock when releasing the script interface. It works fine whenever I create the control, do nothing with it and then release it. Our application exits fine whenever I do that. However, the moment I load a script in it, no matter if I execute it or not and close the application, it ends up in a deadlock in the Release() function. I already added code to reset the control(m_pScript->Reset()) before releasing it to unload any loaded code, but that doesn't work. I'm kind of stuck now, since I don't understand why or how this deadlock occurs. I don't have much experience with COM debugging, the only thing I know is that the entire thing just deadlocks on the m_pScript->Release() function. I tried checking the reference count, and that appears to be at 1 before I call Release(). Toolmaker

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