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Hi, i am currently learning opengl, and i found a tutorial and tryed to put that into a class. but i get the following error: error: argument of type `LRESULT (opengl::)(HWND__*, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM)' does not match `LRESULT (*)(HWND__*, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM)'| i dont know what this means or how i can fix it, i hope that someone is able to help me with this isue. greets roy,

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Original post by roy844
so i am trying to put a standalone function in a class member function ?

No, you're trying to pass a pointer to a member function to something expecting a pointer to a standalone function. You can't do it.

This really has nothing to do with OpenGL, as yet. You're dealing with window creation and handling, and trying to abstract that into a class, which is why I gave you the linked article. Basically, you need a regular function - and class static functions have the same signature as regular, standalone functions - which you pass to Windows, and then you store a pointer to the class instance as associated data. Each time Windows calls your regular function (a message routing function, essentially), it looks for the associated data in the window handle, converts that into a pointer to a class instance, and then calls your member function.

For a lengthier explanation, read the article. It's why I wrote it.

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