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Daniel K

3D navigation/viewpoint control

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I suspect it's a bit of a long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of some resources that list common navigation/camera techniques and controls for games? (e.g. first-person vs third-person, click-to-move vs WASD vs click/drag movement, mouselook vs right or middle-mouse-button or screen-edge camera rotation, all that sort of thing.) It doesn't, really, need to be games in particular - more or less anything that's commonly used in any virtual environment for the desktop (as opposed to CAVEs or HMD setups, which are not particularly useful for my purposes) - but games comprise the majority of those. The strengths and weaknesses of each, and their usual applications, would be a plus. Just for the record, I'm doing this mainly for research - the issue is I haven't had a lot of luck finding anything in quite the right area by hunting through journals etc. And it's always helpful to be able to justify why you chose the navigation system you did... Thanks in advance.

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